There have been a raft of massive changes this week to the way we will have to work over the coming weeks in order to minimize the risk of catching COVID-19 Coronavirus. Robin and Ian have been holding daily meetings to make our own plans. This is how PG Owen seek to work, at least for the time being.

There will be a number of staff either working from home or on COVID-19 self-isolation. Those of us left will try to keep all three offices open. Each office allows a good degree of “self- isolation”. However, it may well be that Kelston Park and/or Warminster are closed from time to time. If this is the case please phone 01761 410444 for assistance. For example Kelston Park has been closed this week, due to an internet problem for which we have been unable to get IT support to fix it quickly.

We have been looking for any further help or guidance over and above the website. Unfortunately, there is very little substance to support the various statements made by Boris Johnson and other Government ministers. We have pulled together a summary by way of some assistance. The summary will immediately follow this post.

In the meantime, say safe and we hope you avoid the COVID-19 Coronavirus.