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We have a dedicated team who only deals with matters such as mortgages, life assurance, pensions and investments. We are directly authorised with the Financial Conduct Authority which allows you to access these services inhouse.

By offering these products to our clients as part of our overall service, we can more accurately match our client’s exact needs and tailor our recommendations to fit in with taxation and personal wealth planning already undertaken.

This ensures there is a consistent theme to financial planning and ensures there is no conflicts with another professional adviser.

Over recent years we have assisted many companies in providing effective pension planning for their directors and owners. Since the inception of Pension Freedoms, pensions are now a key tool in providing for your eventual retirement.

In the right circumstances, with careful planning, it is now possible to obtain an instant return on investment of up to 50% on any pension investment.

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An all things financial Story

A gentleman came to see us with a pension fund of around £100,000. He wanted to use the fund to pay off the interest-only mortgage he and his partner held. his plan would wipe out his pension savings. Whilst we were able to extract some £25,000 tax-free which significantly reduced the debt, we pointed out that to release all of the fund would result in a substantial tax charge.

What we did instead was to arrange to switch the reduced mortgage to a repayment term over 5 years with the monthly repayments being funded by a pension drawdown. This not only reduced the overall tax charge substantially, it also maintained the fund for future drawdown. The gentleman unfortunately died before the mortgage was completely repaid but there remained a significant fund for his partner to enjoy an income after his death.