Landlord Tax

Apart from our business clients, our largest number of personal tax clients are Buy To Let Landlords.

This group of clients represent over a third of our personal tax cases. Recent law changes such as restrictions on mortgage interest deductions and flat rate deductions have changed the landscape of property taxes.

When it comes to selling properties, the new capital gains tax reporting requirements have made this a specialist area for us. Now when a property is sold a capital gains tax return is required within 60 days of receipt of disposal proceeds. HMRC has decided to treat this as a totally separate tax system and so we are unable to use our in house proprietory software and are forced to load data onto an HMRC portal.

The bulk of the work revolves around set up and is both time consuming and specific in terms of requirements.

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A Landlord Tax story

A couple were quite happily completing their annual Self Assessment Returns themselves but came completely unstuck when faced with a residential property sale. They approached us for assistance and were so pleased with the service they now ask us to prepare their Self Assessments as well, knowing the work will be completed effectively and giving them the peace of mind the returns are filed on time and correct.