Legal Services

In today’s world, everybody is a specialist; whether that is financial planning, accountancy, insurance or legal.

Trying to find the best person to deal with your requirements can be a daunting process if you are not sure who to speak to.

Recent changes in the law now allow you more access to legal services without the need of instructing a solicitor. It also allows certain professionals direct access to barristers, who by their nature are specialists in one particular legal field.

For the majority of people there are two key legal documents that are essential. Firstly, a Will allows you to clearly set out who you wish to inherit your wealth. for those with young children it is also the only place you can specify who will be the guardians should the need arise.

The other key documents are Lasting Powers of Attorney.

These allow your trusted Attorneys to act on your behalf should you lose the mental capacity to make your own decisions.

This could be due to dementia or could be as a result of an accident whereby you are in an induced coma for a period of time.

Either way, without LPAs in place your health and financial affairs are subject to State intervention.

A Legal Services Story

Some years ago we recommended LPAs to a father and son owned company. The father felt that he was indestructible and the LPAs would be a waste of money. We persuaded him to treat the cost as a one off insurance policy, and he eventually agreed and LPAs were put in place. In more recent times, dementia has taken over his life, but fortunately the son can still operate the business and provide financial support to his father.

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