The PG Tax story…

We want to work with ambitious business owners. Ambition is a subjective word and can range from wanting to be the next Richard Branson down to just having a little more work/life balance. Whatever level of ambition you have, and you must have some purely by being in business, we will look to help you achieve it.

We have a wide range of skills from traditional online accounting and VAT filings, through to statutory accounts. Taxation work includes usual Self Assessment filings and personal tax planning. We are able to offer a full financial services offering, mortgages, life assurance, pensions and investments. Finally, we can provide a range of legal services and we can even undertake probate work.

These skills allows us to and assist you and your family from cradle to grave…… and beyond! In short our purpose is to make the difference on your journey.

When coming to us for service and advice, you will want some options as to the level of service you need.

You will also want some surety as to the commitment you will be making. We offer three levels of service depending on needs:

Business Growth

This service is designed for those who require controlled growth along with regular performance reviews along with quarterly Making Tax Digital (MTD) filings and all the usual statutory reporting.

This service focuses on enabling you to achieve your goals by identifying areas of your business that require additional focus, discussing ways in which improvements can be made and then agreeing what work will be carried out over what time frame;

Chartered Accountants and Financial Advisors
financial services

Business Stability

This service is designed for those who are happy with the growth of their business and tax but require detailed support in providing quarterly MTD filings along with all statutory reporting. MTD reporting requirements are extensive and a large number of our clients have decided they can be more effective in their business in other areas.

Rather than taking up excessive time completing accounting work, often late at night, they prefer to outsource this work to us, who can complete it effectively and in much less time. It’s all a question of opportunity cost, that is what could you be doing to improve your business rather than simply crunching the numbers?

Business Basics

This service is designed for those who are happy with the growth of their business and tax but just require support in statutory reporting. some of our clients still look to us to do the minimum required to maintain their compliance with the various accounting and tax legislation. We are still more than happy to work on this basis if that is what suits you best.

Each of these three styles of service will be tailored to your precise needs, the support we provide can never be a one size fits all service. We have created detailed pricing tools to ensure the service we offer you and your investment in our service matches your needs.

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