Probate Services

What makes PG Tax unique?

We are almost unique in being able to offer Probate Services to our clients, allowing us to offer the “…. and beyond” element of our purpose. Again our all-around knowledge allows us to help those left behind to deal with the deceased’s affairs in a tax-effective manner.

We offer a fixed fee for this work and carefully work with the executors to provide the precise services required. We do this by firstly ensuring the executors are aware of all their responsibilities and then we agree on which elements of those responsibilities they require assistance with.

We can then adjust our services as we go and the executors can be updated as to adjusted costs throughout.

Diversity Survey

We are required to undertake diversity questionnaires within our team as part of being regulated for probate work. As we live in a small rural community, some of the questions result in a high level of identical responses, particularly those relating to race or religion.

We do seek to be diverse within our team but we are limited by the local population. Likewise, it goes without saying that the level of academic achievement is high as would be expected for a professional firm.

Of the relevant responses received from our recent questionnaire, 27% were aged 35 to 44 with the same number being over 55, the remainder falling between the two age bands.

44% were male and 56% female with 33% being married or cohabiting and 67% single or widowed.

A Probate Services Story

We were asked to deal with the probate of a private tax client who had died. She left her assets to her only son, which would have created an immediate inheritance tax charge on the estate. We discussed this with the executor, who was her son and it was agreed to create a Deed of Variation passing the entire estate to the father, who was still alive but was in care. The effect was to defer the inheritance tax liability until the second death.

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