Our Values

Most businesses live by a set of behaviours and values.

These set the company’s identity, and become their DNA, or how we do things here. We are no different and it was refreshing that these values were determined by the team and not by the directors.

Our values at PG Owen Limited are as follows:

Have a great attitude

We pride ourselves on being approachable and look to put ourselves in others’ shoes so we can understand the issues. We always try to be supportive and be aware of our impact on others.


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Be professional

Whilst this may seem rather obvious for a professional firm, it can sometimes be lacking in the drive for prosperity. By always working with integrity and in a trustworthy manner, we can set the highest standards possible consistently. The team are encouraged to think for themselves and be willing to learn.

Be a great team player

Values are only meaningful if the whole team embraces them. To achieve that each team member needs to be patient, listen carefully, and be willing to help and teach.

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Go the extra mile

By being helpful we strive to always do our best and focus on what matters. By doing so the team is aware of the bigger picture which in turn ensures help is more than just OK.

By sharing our values and being proud of them, we will be able to achieve our purpose of Making the Difference on Your Journey. We want to work with like-minded people so should we fall short, please let’s have a grown-up conversation and put things right. Likewise, we trust we can reciprocate.


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