Jeremy Hunt’s final Budget before the next General Election

Today saw Jeremy Hunt’s final Budget before the next General Election and possibly his last ever Budget.

For those of us with long memories, are there any similarities with Ken Clarke’s last Budget in 1997 before Tony Blair swept to power? Time will tell.

Across the pond, both current President, Joe Biden, and former President Trump, easily won all but one of the States voting for them in Super Tuesday. With Biden being unpopular as a result of poor economic growth and multiple court cases appearing to improve Trump’s changes, it is currently looking like he will be Making America Great Again!

Technology giant Siemens is to create a new £100m digital engineering facility in Wiltshire. The company says it is going to replace its existing rail infrastructure factory in Chippenham with a research and development centre (R&D). The new facility is expected to open by 2026.

This follows hot on the heels of Airbus Defence and Space Limited (ADS), a division of Airbus Group, confirming they too would be moving a specialist space-focused team to the Business Cyber Centre, at Greenways Business Park in Chippenham. ADS specialises in providing solutions for defence and space applications.

And Finally ………

With it being Budget Day, I had to delve back into the excellent “Yes, Minister” series. Sir Humphrey and Sir Arnold discuss the merits of the next Prime Minister, could it be Jim Hacker?